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Automated Medical Coding

TAVANA strives to make medical coding simpler, faster and more accurate.

Our solution automatically codes patient charts and ensures correct clinical documentation,

so that your hospital staff can focus on patient care. 

The Problem

An unnecessary burden for healthcare professionals

Medical coding is a time-consuming, manual process and a persistent point of frustration for hospital staff. Typically, medical professionals rely on their own knowledge and experience to navigate the complex coding landscape. This leads to errors, discrepancies and inefficiencies and has significant financial repercussions for healthcare institutions. 

The clinicians' point of view:


“I spend too much time looking through lengthy patient charts to make sure I've found the correct diagnosis code - time I don't have in a hectic, clinical setting!”

"It's a huge burden for doctors, and a huge burden for managers."

"We keep hiring people to check the coding manually. My team tripled in three years!"

“None of us really know how to do it correctly... The coding system increases my stress levels and negatively impacts my workday and sense of accomplishment.”

The Solution

The TAVANA solution is designed to simplify and streamline medical coding.

Our coding automation software and semantic search engine seamlessly integrates into your existing electronic health record system, making the coding process faster and more accurate. 

Medical Coding Made Easy



TAVANA's state-of-the-art technology ensures coding accuracy over 95%. Medical codes provide the basis for payment, hospital funding, and reimbursement. With TAVANA, you can rest assured that your services are being compensated for. Correct clinical documentation yield reliable and comprehensive datasets for more effective allocation and deployment for resources.


We understand how valuable your time is. TAVANA minimizes your efforts on repetitive administrative work, allowing you to quickly and easily assign the correct medical codes to any patient chart. 


The TAVANA solution is auditable, so that you can review and retrace the clinical text which generated a code suggestion. Our platform is designed to comply with industry-leading data privacy standards such as HIPAA, GDPR and MDR, to guarantee secure processing of healthcare data.

Oda Solesvik Oppedal CEO, Profile Picture

Oda Solesvik Oppedal
co-founder and CEO

Oda has studied Mathematics and Physics at NTNU, specializing in biophysics and medical technology. She has experience from public health research institutions, government funding schemes, hospital administration and health tech startups.

Hesam Ossanloo CTO, Profile Picture

Hesam Ossanloo

co-founder and CTO

Hesam holds a MSc in Informatics from Hochschule Darmstadt, where he pursued research in semantic search and ontology for his PhD studies. With 19+ years of international experience as a tech lead and developer in cloud computing, he has made significant contributions to various sectors, including space, energy, finance, blockchain, and automobile industries. 

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